Activated Carbon

The Activated Carbon is a nature porous material considered as one of the most powerful adsorbents known, its main feature being the large internal surface area developed during the activating process, with thousands of pores graded as micro, medium and macropores. This surface area normally ranges between 500 and 1,200 sqm/g.

Due to their extraordinary adsorption qualities and the ability of the molecules contained into the fluid to concentrate on the solid surface, the Activated Carbons are widely used in cost-effective purification and discoloration processes, as well as to odor recovery and elimination.

The Carbomafra Activated Carbons are produced under strict and monitored conditions, at high temperatures and using the activation physical process. Our products are vegetable-born, extracted from renewable raw-material sources.

They are available under granular or powdered forms, to be used in gaseous or liquid phase processes.
The liquid phase application may require either the granulated or powdered types. This selection involves many aspects to be considered, such as the continuous or alternating process, the liquid characteristics, the Carbon characteristics and its recuperation possibility, as well as the process conditions, namely temperature and investment initial costs.

The gaseous phase usually require the use of Granulated Activated Carbons.