The Indústrias Químicas Carbomafra started producing Activated Carbon in 1945, at Mafra, in the State of Santa Catarina, and inaugurated their industrial unit in Curitiba, in the State of Paraná, in 1973. These two facilities are both located in the South Region of the country.

The Company´s 120 thousand square meters total area is duly distributed into production, administration and green sectors, so as to preserve the environment and contribute to improve life quality for their employees and the community.

Since its foundation, to improve processes and develop new products has been one of the Company’s governing focuses.

In addition, the goal to produce high quality items that comply with their customers’ expectations – aiming at a continuous improvement - turned Indústrias Químicas Carbomafra into one of the main Activated Carbon producers in Brazil.

And thanks to the privileged location of our plants in Mafra (SC) and Curitiba (PR) the Company provides materials to the most varied businesses, throughout the country, Latin America and abroad.