Products & Aplications

Powdered Activated Carbons

The powdered Activated Carbons have a wide surface area, with a well distributed porous structure in which the medium and macropores are predominant. They are generally used in alternate processes, with the advantage of variable dosages.

The powdered Carbon is aggregated and blended to the liquid to be treated; then it is removed by filtration or sedimentation, after completion of a established contact time.

Due to their size, the particles promote a close contact with the liquid to be purified, in addition to have the characteristics needed as regards humidity and sedimentation capabilities. The high level of efficiency allows for the use of minimal dosages, favoring filtering and secondary removal from the liquid medium.

Main Aplications

Carbon 118 Glucose, lactic acid, monosodium glutamate, gelatin, organic acid, caffeine
Carbon 118-CB Glycerin, fats, waxes, oils, esters, galvanic baths, organic products, sodium carbonate
Carbon 118-90 Wines, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, municipal water
Carbon 117 Sugar refining, soft drinks, oils, organic acids, plasticizers
Carbon 106-RC Fats and waxes, industrial waste, galvanoplasty bath, plasticizers, aluminum sulfate
Carbon 106-90 Municipal water, phenol, industrial waste
Carbon 147 Antibiotics, sorbitol, mannitol, dextrose, catalytic support, special galvanic baths, special chemical and pharmaceutical products
Carbon 147-90 Wines and alcoholic beverages, special chemical and pharmaceutical products
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Granulated Activated Carbons

The granulated Carbons are produced from rigid raw materials, so as to reach the hardness required to avoid excessive losses due to friction and handling operations. They have a high surface area, providing high adsorption power for the applications to which they are made. The granulated Carbons are used in fixed or movable bed columns, through which the fluid flows and is purified.

These products may be used in both gaseous and liquid phase adsorption processes, in addition to provide excellent savings in those cases favoring consecutive regeneration.

Main Aplications

Carbon 119 Chlorine elimination filters for home and industrial water, effluent treatment, air purification, carbonic gas purification, organic acids, alcohol adsorption, odor removal from domestic refrigerators and refrigerating chambers
Carbon 141-S Gas treatment, solvent recovery, catalytic support, gold recovery, acid purification
CBL 200 Water treatment for home filters, chemical products
SC 340 Catalytic support for petrochemical processes applicable to aviation gasoline and kerosene
Please contact our Departamentos Técnico ou Comercial (Technical or Commercial Departments) in case your application is not listed above.